Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hobie 16

Hobie cat
I sold the Noelex 22 in April 2015. In May, I bought a Hobie 16 which has been on my bucket list for 35 years. I first saw this boat in the early 80's; wanted it but could not afford it at that time.

The owner Chris Knight advertised it in the Salam for MYR13,000. He was the MD of SSB. I was a lowly COE working in the Production department.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

How it all started for me in 1968

This photo was taken soon after I landed in Sydney in 1966. On that Qantas flight the passengers were mostly Colombo Plan students.
I climbed the Sydney bridge with a friend in 1968. We saw many things from up there.There was the Opera House nearing completion, a hydrofoil coming from Manly to Circular Quays...

Monday, August 01, 2005

1. Sunfish

My very first sail boat in 1979 was nothing much but a piece of plank with a sail on it. It was a Sunfish. There was a centre board, rudder, a mast and one sail. It was even too small to be called a dinghy. The hull was made of fibre glass and it was small, meant for one person only. I first launched the Sunfish in the river near the Lutong bridge.

2. Optimist

The next sail boat I bought was an Optimist from Peter Hammer for 1000 ringgit. He was overjoyed to have found a sucker buyer at last! That lousy pakeha (expatriate) did not tell me that the boat was suitable for kids only! It was very slow; but it cannot capsize because it was as wide as it was long and had three flotation chambers built into the plastic hull under the seats. Even if it fills completely with water, it cannot sink. So, it is an excellent boat for a beginner learning to sail. Thanks Peter. You were right, I did not capsize, not even once.

3. Yamaha Sea-hopper

The Seahopper was built by Yamaha in Japan to similar dimensions as the Laser. It actually looked very much like a Laser. It cost me 2000 ringgit; but it was worth every cent because this sail boat some times forgot that it had no engine! At about 15 knot cross wind, it would plane and consequently, the speed would increase suddenly with most of the hull out of the water, behaving like a speed boat!